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Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronisation and cross platform software.


Dropbox could be described as a thumbdrive in the cloud. You can place a range of files and folders in it and the application will make them available and keep them in sync across a range of devices – phones, tablets, laptops and desktops – and regardless of operating system too! Dropbox will work on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

The files you place in a Dropbox folder are accessible through the website and can be plugged into a range of other applications to provide storage and synchronisation.

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You can store any type of file in Dropbox – and because its available on so many devices it’s perfectly suited for research, assignments, photos, and document storage.

Dropbox can also be used to share and work collaboratively. You have a public folder your to share files easily but you can also create shared folders – perfect for teams and group work.


To use Dropbox you need to sign up and install the software on whichever your devices you want to use it. On Windows and Mac it creates a special folder – and anything that is copied or moved in there will be available and synced to other devices.

On the mobile side files are accessible but not stored unless you favourite them. This means there is no limit to what kind or the size of any individual file and you won’t impact the memory of your device.


Dropbox is available as a free service but is limited to 2Gb of storage. For many this is enough for 1000s of text and image documents. There are a range of paid plans which increase the amount of storage you have available.

The service could leveraged to provide an off-site back up for many people and their important documents.


Dropbox provides the simplest and most widely used cloud storage option. It availability on all major platforms and its integration with other 3rd party applications make it a vital component of those looking to become more mobile. For many mobile users it would be impossible to function without Dropbox.


  • Create shared folders for teams and groups.
  • Centralise all your research documents in one location.
  • Create a shared folder for students to submit work and collaborate.

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