Mobile learning is an emerging field of study and practice which CSU has pioneered through the work done in the mLearn project. The trials conducted used practical applications of devices to help develop the capabilities and practices of staff at CSU.

This section of the Hub will focus on developing and curating resources that explore the application of mobile technology to learning and teaching practice. It will also explore mobile in a broad cultural sense, looking at the encompassing technologies, ideas, customs and behaviours that accompany the devices.


A quick guide to Current Research in mobile learning.

The full report from the mLearn project is available as well as a handy tweetable format!

This set of slides that provide an overview of some of the key principles and affordances for developing effective mobile learning.


This post explores the idea of Smart Phones to Smart Students and ways that mobile devices could be incorporated into the Assessment process.


These are practical examples of using mobile devices for learning and teaching: