Comparison of Available Mini Tablets

The Mini Tablet range suits those who want to primarily consume content as these devices are lighter and a better fit in the hand.

These devices are fantastically portable, have large data capacity and long battery life, compared to phones because of the extra size. This makes them extremely popular for those wishing to read, watch and listen, and offer a far more immersive and rich media experience than an eReader. The smaller size can however impact their use for typing and sporting a small keyboard more suited to thumbs than a traditional ergonomic typing position.

The table provides a guide to some of the main and differentiating features of the mini tablet category.

Features Apple iPad Mini Dell Venue 8 Pro Nexus 7
Operating system iOS 7 Windows 8.1 Android 4.3
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes
Cellular Data Yes No Yes
Screen Size 7.9″” 8″ 7″
HiRes Display Yes Med Yes
Software Availability High Low Med
Software Compatibility Med Med Med
Build Quality High Med Med
Peripheral Support High Low Med
Internal Storage 16-128GB 32-64GB 16-32GB
External Storage No Yes Yes
Support Requirements Low Low Low
Device Price $479 – $949 $399-499 $299 – $439
Cover Price $48 – $89 $50 $35-55
Total Price Range – RRP $527 – $1038 $449 – $549 $334 – $494
Comments * Pricing scale includes WiFi & 3G * Pricing scale includes WiFi & 3G

All information is current at time of publication (Updated 20/02/2014) and should be used as a guide only.

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