Comparison of Available Large Tablets

Hardware: Comparison of Large Tablets

For many people a Tablet makes a great choice when going mobile. This guide gives you an overview of three popular large tablets options across the three different operating systems.

The large tablet size provides a large screen for more interactions and adds functionality for touch interactions and consumption of media. This is the territory carved by the original iPad, with a footprint slightly smaller than an A4 page. These devices provide the optimal blend for mobile experience. They are far more portable and lighter than their laptop equivalents and have much longer battery life.

The table provides a guide to some of the main and differentiating features of the large tablet category.

Features Apple iPad Air Window Surface 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Operating system iOS Windows 8 RT Android 4.0
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes
Cellular Data Yes No Yes
HiRes Resolution Yes Yes Yes
Software Availability High Low Med
Software Compatibility Med Med Med
Build Quality High High Med
Peripheral Support Hi Low Med
Internal Storage High Med Low
External Storage No Yes Yes
Support Requirements Low Low Low
Device Price $598 – $1049 $529 – $639 $498 – $624
Cover Price $48 – $99 $139 – $149 $69
Total Price Range – RRP $646 – $1148 $668 – $778 $567 – $694
Comments * Pricing scale includes WiFi and 3G * Pricing scale includes WiFi and 3G

All information is current at time of publication (Updated 20/02/2014) and should be used as a guide only.

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2 comments on “Comparison of Available Large Tablets
  1. Allan Ernest says:

    Nice comparison. What about tablets that run full windows? They have the advantage of being able to run specialist software but are they too complex for their own good? Are they as convenient as ipads and android devices? What’s your opinion on this?

  2. Tim Klapdor says:

    We’re hoping to do a Windows comparison in the coming weeks – just waiting for some test devices to arrive. Windows on tablets is a little confusing as it’s split the operating system into two – Windows 8 & Windows RT. Windows 8 is the same version as you would find on your standard laptop or desktop so it requires the same kind of internal configuration and processors. Essentially tablets running Windows 8 are stripped out laptops – so you’ll get all the same functionality, but usually without the bulk of an optical drive or keyboard. In this way its difficult to compare these devices with Android & iOS devices as they don’t match up in terms of performance or price. Window RT is a slightly different beast as it’s designed to be run on mobile processors so it won’t run your standard Windows applications but you will get improved performance and stamina from the device. Windows RT devices also tend to be closer in price to their Android and iOS counterparts. I dont think a Window 8 tablet is too complex but you will have to compormise on some of the convenince factors that other tablets offer – better performance and battery life. I think the choice is personal and it comes down to tablets being for general-purpose and PCs are for specialist applications. You need to choose what you need/want the device to do for you! I hope that helps – if you have more questions keep them coming – I can add them to our upcoming post!