What’s Mobile at CSU?

subject outlines on a mobile phone

Setup & How To Information

To get you started on mobile at CSU check out the Division of Information Technology website and their mobile device guide.

Staff will find information on purchasing, security, apps, how to guides for email, apps, WiFi and links to self-help for Android & iOS.

Students can find information on connecting to the WiFi via CSUconnect page.

Information & Services

Students and staff looking to access information about mobile from their devices should check out the iOS and Android apps as well as the m.csu website where you can find quick links to a range of information and services.

Students can gain access to their subject outlines from m.csu allowing you to get access to all your subject and assessment information fast! There’s also a great calendar function to find out when all your assessments are coming up.

The Library have put together some great resources too for staff and students alike. You can get quick access to the range search of database services, browse the available apps, get some help with eBooks and a great resource on using Mobile devices for study & research.

Don’t forget our other services already on available on mobile:

  • Online meeting (Adobe Connect),
  • ePortfolios (PebblePad)
  • and the student evaluation system

The mHub

The Mobile Hub is an ongoing project and soemthing that will grow and develop over time. Over the next few months we will be adding more and more content – but you can help. If you think there’s soemthing missing or you’d like to contribute let us know and we’d love to get some students involved too.

If you would be interest, have any problems, suggestions or ideas on how to improve let us know!

mlearn@csu.edu.au or @mHub_CSU

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