Application by:  ebrary

Price:  Free

Researchers now have an optimized way to experience authoritative content – both online and offline! Search, read, and download e-books that your institution acquires from leading publishers as well as materials uploaded and integrated by your librarian. What's more, you can import your own PDF documents – outside of the ebrary platform – through the app itself.

Key features include:

* Online and offline reading
* Seamless downloading of full titles
* Simple and advanced search
* Multiple navigation controls
* Table of contents with relevancy rankings
* Early check-in of ebrary's e-books
* Copy and paste with automatic citation for offline documents
* User configurable download size warnings
* Import and use documents from other sources
* Available in English and Spanish
* Optional sign-in with Facebook user name and password
* email ID based authentication
* Use of up to 7 different devices from the same account

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