The idea behind Charles Sturt University’s mobile hub is to develop a rich resource for staff and students to assist them in integrating mobile technology into their learning, teaching and work.

The aim is for this is to be a collaborative and open online space for disseminating and sharing resources, tutorials, reviews, research and information regarding the hardware, software and practices for mobile technology. It’s open for use by students, professional staff, academics and researchers in across higher education.

The way we envisioned people using the the Hub is based around three concepts: Push, Pull & Share.


If relevant information is available that we ‘push’ readers to that location. Rather than replicate information across multiple sites and systems the aim of this function is to make it easier to find and access information.


With so much information out there we want the Hub to act as a curation tool. The team behind mHub acts as a filter to find quality, important and correct information so we can become a trusted source.


mHub also produces it’s own content and it’s all open because we want people to use it – regardless of who or where you are! In this sense we want you to share any helpful or useful information you find here on your social networks, in your subject forums or with friends and peers around the world!

So welcome!

Explore the site and let us know what you think!

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